Some Affective Ways to Write Five Paragraph Essays

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Five Paragraph Essays

One of the best ways to improve essay-writing skills is to write five paragraph essays. During high school, students are often asked by their teachers to write five paragraph essays. It is a way of teaching students to learn to structure their essays in a more coherent and logical way. This is a standard essay-writing format that helps students to approach essay writing. This format also helps readers to predict what is coming ahead. A five-paragraph essay as it says consists of five paragraphs. The first paragraph is the introduction followed by the main body where three standalone paragraphs are written backed by strong logical arguments along with facts, figures, and examples to convince the audience depending on the type of essay being written. The fifth paragraph is the conclusion of an essay and it has to be strong. Once students become accustomed to the basic structure of writing essays, they move on to writing more complicated types of essay.

The Introduction (First Paragraph)
The introduction is the first paragraph and it has to be spot on right from the beginning. It must consist of interesting elements as to entice the readers to read the entire essay with interest. One of the best ways to write the introduction is to ask your readers a question. A question in the beginning can help make readers more curious and they continue reading. The question must not consist of anything that is not related and is out of the main context of the essay. Another interesting way to grab readers’ attention right in the beginning is by providing statistics to the readers. Once again, this too has to be related to the main topic of the essay. It must not contain anything that is out of the context. Once you have successfully grabbed readers’ attention, the next step is to introduce all the key points of the essay. Avoid explaining all the points in detail. Just introduce them and if possible provide a brief background. Write a strong thesis statement telling your readers the main objective of the essay and what they will learn from it.

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