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Obesity in humans is largely due to evolution and changing conditions. Everyone concerned with their own health should take steps to overcome obesity, especially the obese individual. Reliance on government regulations and blaming the food industry is not going to solve this issue. It is the individual who suffers health problems, so he/she must be the primary ones who adapt healthy eating habits without having to kill one’s taste and appetite. All this obsession with fast food started in the 50’s with the introduction of the ‘Swanson T.V. dinner. This brought in the concept of frozen cooked food, which just had to be heated to be consumed.

Basically, this type of food had not benefits for the consumer. The choices of food were limited, the taste was awful and the meal was un-appealing. But apparently this was what the consumers wanted.   Given the universal love of cupcakes, it seems strange that food policy makers are targeting it around the country. The reason is that the cake has become a real bone of contention for childhood obesity, making it an unwilling participant in the government’s efforts to control what children eat. There is a comprehensive and excellent explanation for the increased incidence of obesity. This has much to do with the evolutionary process undergone by humans.

The theory indicates that humans evolved to adapt to food shortage, and the fat storage of the past have become a disadvantage today Incidentally, the person responsible for you being fat is the purchasing agent who buys all the food and ingredients that are used in bulk. The marketing department of any food company plans the products to be put on the menu, which sells the food. In this regard, we can also talk about “Why We Get Fat and What To Do About It”, whereby the theory of a ‘low-carbohydrate’ consumption is presented by the writer, he argues that if one consumes foods with a high carbohydrate ratio, they will in turn lead to insulin resistance, whereby making the subject over – weight and ultimately obese.

Most fast foods are prepared in trans fat. The evidence linking trans fat to heart disease is overwhelming.  The government passed regulations in many states to regulate the use of fat or try to ban it altogether. What the regulators did not realize was that banning or regulating fat was not like firing a silver bullet that would clear up clogged arteries. The restaurant had adopted vegetable oils containing trans fat because the public wanted oils that were low in fat and cholesterol free. However, trans fat had their own problems and contributed to obesity.

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