Some Common Difficulties Faced by Students when Writing Essays

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Essay Writing

Essay writing is a very time consuming and complicated task. It requires thorough dedication and the ability to concentrate for long hours in order to achieve the objective. Some students are passionate and find essay writing interesting while there are also students who just write essays in order to complete a formality because they do not have any other option but to write them. Some students are not very interested in writing essays. The common thing among all these students is that they face numerous difficulties while writing essays. Writing is not a straightforward task and it takes time and patience to to be completed. One must have good writing skills and the ability to conduct research. Essay writing becomes even more complicated once students progress to higher academic levels.


Problems Related to Research Work
Research work is an integral part of writing essays and other types of academic papers. If research work is not authentic, all the efforts can go in vain. What is important when conducting research is to be able to locate authentic sources? Students must seek original sources as to make their essay writing assignment more credible. One of the best sites to conduct research is with the extension of .gov and .edu. These websites provide authentic and up-to-date information on various topics.
Problems Related to Writing
Some students struggle with writing. They do not have good writing skills. They lack the ability to convince others through logical arguments. They are not aware of as to how to use facts, figures and examples to their advantage in order to convince the audience. A good essay is the one, which follows all the instructions of the teacher and consists of strong arguments in order to convince the audience. Students lack the skill of creating arguments in their essays and, as a result, they have to pay a price in terms of low grade. Good writing skills just do not consist of writing essays without grammatical and structural errors, but it mainly consists of creating strong arguments. When writing essays at a higher academic level it is assumed that a student has good writing skills in terms of forming appropriate structure and being able to write using correct grammar. The focus is on the content of the essay, which has been gathered through research work and the ability to create strong arguments.

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