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At some point during your psychology and other courses, you are likely to come across writing a case study writing. A case study is referred to as an in-depth analysis of a particular person, or an issue. These case studies are often used in circumstances where practical or research lab is not possible. These case studies are based on real, an imagined character or event.

The Format of the Case Study

The format of the psychology case study writing can vary. In some case studies, you may be required to solely focus on an individual. Other possibilities can be background information of a particular topic and citing research work. Always consult your instructor for a detailed outline of the case study and the specific requirements. We can cope up with any case study format you want, but the ideal case study would have the following format.

  • Background Information of the Client

Order Research Papers custom psychology Case Study’s first section consist of the background information and history of your client. Important factors such as age, health status, gender, history of mental health, social relationships with others, alcohol, and drug history, goals in life, ability to cope with different situations in life and shortcomings.

  • Description of Present Problems

The next section of our custom case study writing comprises of the description of problems and possible symptoms your client is facing. Feelings, thoughts, and perceptions should also be noted down. Diagnostic assessment and screening used should also be described in detail.

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