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Essay writing can become even more challenging as students progress to higher academic levels. The format of essay writing remains the same but it becomes lengthier and students have to spend long hours completing them. Some subjects are easier to handle and in this kind of situation, students do not face a lot of complications. If the subject is difficult for a student, writing essays also becomes difficult. It all depends on the interest a student has in an academic subject.

Why students avoid Essay Writing?

  • Research work

  • Research work is one of the most important tasks when it comes to writing essays. What makes research work so complicated is the fact that some students find it very hard to locate credible sources. They are not well aware of the authentic sources important to write essays. When you are writing an essay, you are actually giving information to the audience. Therefore, it is your responsibility to make sure that the information you provide is authentic and credible.
  • Writing skills

  • Poor writing skill is another major factor that creates complications for students. Some students may have good command over grammar and punctuation, but they may struggle when it comes to creating a logical argument. Apart from good writing skills, you also must be good at creating logical arguments using facts, figures, and examples to convince the audience. If you fail to come up with appropriate arguments then you can have problems in terms of getting good grades. Therefore, apart from good command on the language, it is also important to have a critical and analytical eye to present convincing facts to the audience.

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